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SMG Lab Books Award/Bursary Program

SMG Lab Books annually donates awards/bursaries to students who have been accepted in a science oriented program of an accredited post secondary institution. The students are selected by schools that have acquired SMG Lab Books and have been chosen as Award/Bursary Schools.

SMG Lab Books has established this Program to reward schools for having faith in our resources and to demonstrate a tangible way our company can support students’ educations beyond providing excellent resources.

The founders of SMG Lab Books Ltd. hope that these funds will ease the financial challenges associated with gaining a post secondary education in science. Students are selected based on demonstrated financial need and satisfactory academic standing in Chemistry.

In November of each year (September 1 – August 31), SMG Lab Books Ltd. places a fixed percentage of revenues for that year into a Award/Bursary Fund. The Award/Bursary Fund is divided into $750 (USD) awards/bursaries and the resulting number of awards/bursaries are provided to the selected schools.

School Selection

Awards/Bursaries are awarded to schools on behalf of a graduating student. Schools are eligible to be selected to receive an award/bursary based on having purchased 30 or more copies of an SMG Lab Books Ltd. student textbook. For each 30 copies purchased, the school receives a single chance to receive the award. In 2004, we are pleased to be able to provide three awards/bursaries.

2004 Winners

SMG Lab Books is pleased to announce that a student from each of

will be selected as winners of the inaugural 2004 SMG Lab Books Award/Bursary. We wish each of these students success in the next step of their educational journey.

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