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Reviews and Testimonials

Essential Experiments for Chemistry has now been examined and used by high school and AP chemistry instructors throughout North America.

1) Check out why Chem 13 News had this to say, "Essential Experiments for Chemistry is simply that -- essential!" click here

2) Rachel Eaton, Campolindo HS, Moraga CA:

"I think that it is a nicely written student lab text with easy-to-follow instructions and very nice pictures that help students with setting up theequipment. It is not excessively wordy, like many of the AP labs can be. Also, the fact that most of the labs can be done in a single 50 minute period was one of the reasons I bought the book, and so far, all of the labs have fit nicely into that time frame."

3) Cheri Smith, Yale Secondary (HS), Abbottsford BC:

"It contains labs that deliver sophisticated concepts, yet may be done in a typical HS lab period. The teacher's manual is very easy to navigate. ALL THE LABS ACTUALLY WORK! Teachers can expect their students to get usable results EVERY TIME."

4) Cheri (above) received the following feedback from her students:

- "This lab text is much easier to follow and it makes lab write ups considerably easy."
- "The labs contain a vivid description of the procedure, enhanced with good diagrams and illustrations."
- "Clear and concise instructions that are easy to follow. The sample data collecting tables show students exactly what kind of data to collect. Very informational post lab discussion."
- "Labs are of appropriate length to complete within class time. They demonstrate hands-on application of concepts from a wide variety of topics."
- "I found the discussion at the beginning of each lab helpful, not only for the lab write-up, but also to understand applications and background information regarding the subject."

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